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Blackberry Simulator

This is for developers however having access to a blackberry device on the desktop can be useful if you are supporting a blackberry device and don’t have one.


We are looking at a Blackberry device running simulated/emulated/virtualised the window on the left-hand side is the MDS, this allows the device to connect to the internet, unfortunately, it doesn’t allow connection to BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) as you have no IMEI number or network, so troubleshooting that is out, which is why I started looking into it. Unless somebody else knows otherwise. :-)

To get this working is fairly simple, you need to go here and download BlackBerry Email and MDS Service Simulator Package.


Once downloaded and installed you will then need to download a simulator which can be downloaded from here.


MDS will only run in a DOS window that has been elevated when running under Windows 7/Vista with UAC enabled.

Have fun!

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