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Day Five: The day we couldn't keep dry!

Today we went to the Universal Island of Adventures.  We got there around 10:30ish. We should have met Tracy, Alan, Pat and Jimmy at 9:30, but it took ages for us to get through the tick booths.

When we walked in there was a huge ride called Hulk! So for some insane reason, we deiced to go on that straight away.  So me, Lisa, Sam, Ellen, Mat, Laura, Jimmy and Tracy all queued or rather we walked on as there was no queue.  We all sat there and the cars moved forward as expected and then start to be pulled up an incline, which is normal then out of nowhere, the thing shot forward and we were off… it seemed to go on for ages, other than that I can’t remember much more, too bust pooing my pants! :-)


These images don’t do justice to the size of the ride, but it was huge!

We all then went on the Spiderman 3D ride. This was cool! You sat in a car put some 3D glasses on and then a story was played out in 3D with Spidy landing on the front of the car and the car would move to simulate his weight hitting the front, it was done well.

We got some lunch.

Next was the rapids, which we all went on, and we came off drenched!  Soaked from top to bottom, it wasn’t even a hot day!  As we were all soaked we went on the log flume next, all of the girls (apart from Pat) in one log and the lads in another, Sam and I were behind Big Al, so we didn’t get that wet, until the end when the kids soaked us from a bridge with water guns.

DSC00157 Look in the distance and you can see the drop on the log flume…

We then went on the Jurassic Park ride, which was another wet ride!  To me this looked a bit like oblivion in Alton Towers a huge drop to look at, it wasn’t a coaster as such, it kind of went up and down and made you believe you were in trouble, then the drop, which wasn’t that bad then a huge splash at the end!


That was the last wet ride… or so we thought.  So we all decided to go buy some new clothes to get dry, which most of us did.  This took about an hour.   We had some lunch then went to watch the Sinbad show, which was a bit poo.

We went on a ride called Journey to Atlantis, which was poo.  We then went on two other coasters called dual of the dragons, these were two separate rides but they intertwined each other, they were very similar to nemesis in Alton Towers.

Sam, Ellen, Mat and Laura wanted to go on Spiderman again, which they did and the rest of us went to get a drink in a coffee shop, whilst in there, waiting for them to come back, it start raining and raining hard, we waited 10mins but it didn’t appear to be stopping any time soon, so we decided to start walking towards the car park, yes we got wet again!

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