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Day Three

We got up this morning and started to get ready to go to Animal Kingdom, whilst getting ready we received a phone call from Tracy to say that Pat was in the hospital, she said it was nothing to worry about but of course, we were worried, Animal Kingdom was postponed while we waited to find out what was happening with Pat.

She had been in the hospital from 5 in the morning and was waiting to see a doctor, when she did get to see a doctor and he performed various tests, she didn’t get out of the hospital until around midday.

Whilst waiting we (Sam, Ellen, me and Lisa) went for breakfast and were in contact via mobile with updates coming from Tracy and Alan as they were staying in a different hotel.  As we were walking to breakfast we did receive another call from Tracy just letting us know that Pat was fine and was waiting for the final test and there really wasn’t any point going to the hospital.

Lisa wanted to keep herself busy as much as possible, so after breakfast, we just stayed around the hotel complex and played volleyball, went for a bike ride, if you can call it a bike and then went swimming.


In the afternoon we went to Disney from 3 pm to about 9 pm. It’s very similar to Euro Disney.  We went to the Bar over the road from the hotel for food and a few beers.

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