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Day Two

Day Two

The Airport UK

A2B collected us all with no problems. We arrived at the airport at 7:30 am. We checked in without any issues, and we then went looking for the VIP lounge which was easy to find. We were in a really quiet area with breakfast included, for £15 each, I thought it was well worth it and if it’s that cheap in future we’ll be doing it.

We then got the call to board.

The flight

We boarded fine, just before we took off the captain announced that it was a nine-hour flight, which was an hour more than we thought. We sat down and were happy watching a film and a stewardess brought us a bottle of Champagne, which I thought was from Lisa’s mum but it wasn’t, it was from Virgin to congratulate us on our wedding.

Just as we were about to come in and land and after all of the standard announcements, there was one from the stewardess, which congratulated us on behalf of Virgin, but Lisa’s Mum (Pat) asked for this to be done,  which I found a little embarrassing.

We landed exactly when the captain said we would.


We got through the security fine, with no problems, just took a while as the queue took ages as the guy seemed slow compared to the other queues.  You now have to have your fingerprint taken and your iris scanned.

The Airport USA

We collected our bags and then went on a long walk to the virgin desk where we had to collect a confirmation of our meeting with the wedding coordinator Monday morning. We were picked up. We then had to go and sort out the car, when we got to the hire desk, the guy told us the car we had got in the UK when we booked was like a panda!

So I decided to upgrade to a 4x4 🙂 It was an extra $15 a day, which was discounted to $12 a day as we were getting married.

The Drive

Many first’s for me, my first time driving in a different country, an automatic car and my first time driving on the wrong side of the road. The strange thing was we just walked up to the correct class of car and jumped in it, the keys were in the door, we loaded the suite cases and drove out of the airport.

For some reason I was using my left foot to break, which made the breaking very interesting. I pretty much kangaroo-ed out of the car park.

The TomTom took a few sec’s to get a GPS fix, which it did as we left the car park (or car lot) and set off to the hotel. We took one wrong turn we came off the wrong exit, but the TomTom recalculated and we just followed it and we arrived at the hotel, in about 15 mins.

The Hotel

When we arrived we unloaded the luggage with the help of the bellboy, if that’s what you call them. He offered to park the car for us for $18.50, so we decided to park the car ourselves. 🙂

After parking the car we walked back into the hotel, which is when we realised how big it was. Sam and Ellen hadn’t arrived yet. So Lisa and I had a drink at the bar and we had to show our IDs, I showed our driving licenses which were accepted and we waited for Sam and Ellen to arrive.

They were about 10-15 mins behind us as they had trouble with their car, getting the cases in and took a wrong turning too. We all had a drink at the bar and then went to check in, Ellen wanted us to be on the same floor, which is why we waited for them to arrive before checking in.

We checked in, went to our rooms and meet about an hour later and went out for some food at a local bar just across the road from our hotel. The food was good and the bar was great $2.00 for a pint of fosters! 🙂


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