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Installing Windows XP onto a SATA drive

So you come to install Windows XP on a new’ish laptop and you find that Windows XP can’t install because it doesn’t ship with any SATA drivers.  The laptop has no floopy disc and you can’t use a USB drive because XP setup or text mode doesn’t know what USB pen drives are.

So at this point you have two choices, USB FDD or network install.  USB FDD will cost money and if you haven’t already got network installs setup then this could be annoying and time consuming for one laptop.

A google later and I came across nLite, which makes slip streaming easy.  Worked on my first go!  UX is nice and and easy and it creates a bootable ISO for you, really impressed.

If you intrested go take a look https://www.nliteos.com

Enjoy :-)

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