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iTunes HD TV Series Cost Against Blu-Ray

iTunes DVD Costs Comparsion

My wife and I wanted to purchase The Vampires Diaries, Sesason1 which has just finished airing here in the UK.  So took a look on the internet and this is what I found.  The blue ray version is £8 more expensive than that of iTunes.  I tunes is £29.99 which is pretty good in my opinion and you get the SD edition included in that as well, for playing on your iPhone.

Also it’s available now on iTunes where as with Blu-Ray we would have to wait until August.  I’m pleasantly surprised.  It’s good as well using iTunes Home Share this content can be shared on up to 5 home computers.   Oh and I don’t own a Blu-Ray Player either…. so it saved on that cost.  The biggest down side I can see is the DRM….. Sad smile

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