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Missing the point of Continuum

I think people are missing the point with Microsoft Windows Phone Continuum.   In case your not aware, Continuum is Microsoft feature allowing you to connect a Windows Phone to a dock, which turns the Phone into a Desktop PC (almost), Apps run full screen and the phone can still be used independently.

Listening to various podcast’s and news websites around the web people are talking about this and looking at it from a western point of view.  How would I used this, why wouldn’t I just use a laptop?

What people seem to be missing is the growth area for devices (phones) is India.   Many in India don’t have a desktop, laptop and a tablet.   They only have their phone.

Continuum is a unique selling point in this part of the world.  People buying a phone that could turn into a PC maybe appealing to the market, time will tell, no one seems to be talking about it from this perspective, unless I’m missing something.

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