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Not a good day

Mixed feelings about this, no one likes talking about mistakes they make.  Today it appears that some data was over written… no backup smile_angry…  how many times do we have to try and drum it in to everyone, customers, staff, home users, everyone!

Customer didn’t have any backups, engineer didn’t backup before working on the server!

The thing is he was installing an update to the server (err this is a peer-to-peer Windows XP network, so the server is a dedicated PC holding all the data), which overwrote the database, the setup program didn’t warn him that this was going to happen, of course this isn’t no excuse for not having a backup!

This could of happened to anyone!

No we have to wait for the fall out from this…  to be continued.

Of course this had to happen the week before we (me and my other half that is) fly off to the states to go and get married.

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