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Progress Update 1

I have been working on this over the last few days.  I was shocked to discover how close I was to a fully working application.  I’ve resolved a bug which was preventing the configuration being loaded by iOS.  I’ve tested on iOS 7 and to my surprise and relief all still works.  I’m currently working with my host to ensure all works smoothly, I’ve run into a few security permissions when publishing the application.

There’s still a fair bit to do:-

  • New design is required.
  • Lots of error checking required.
  • Security, needs thinking about.
  • SMS Messaging Service to be sourced.

I noted that I started this project in May 2013!  I came up with the idea, implemented 80% and then just stopped. Which is crazy to put all that effort in and not have a working and published application.  So my aim is to have this up and running before May, if not sooner.  Time will tell.   :-)

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