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SBS CAL Resets

This has happened to me on a number of SBS boxes whit low hard drive space, generally on drive C:

SBS resets the cal count to 5!

We have just had a customer call and this has happened to.  Normally we backup the CALS using the built in backup utility within SBS Console.

Found this MS KB 888818, which isn’t really much help.

Te SBS2003 licenses are kept in the licstr.cpa file in the WINDOWSsystem32 folder.

  • Microsoft keep an automatic backup of this in autolicstr.cpa.  
  • Stop the License Logging Service.
  • Rename licstr.cpa to licstr.cpa.old.
  • Copy autolicstr.cpa to licstr.cpa. 
  • Start License Logging Service
  • Open Server Management to confirm that the licenses had been restored.

Then found post on Knight-Time Ramblings which worked!

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