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SkyDrive Update

Microsoft today have announced the local client download, think dropbox, for Windows and Mac OS X Lion.   They have also announced reduction of the free 25GB to 7GB, existing users can claim to keep there 25GB, Click here for Microsoft site for me details.  Sign in now to claim it before you lose it.   Login to your account and click the link to keep your current 25GB storage.

The pricing seems quite reasonable:


I believe it users part (some are saying the it’s not complete) mesh features for syncing.  I’ll update this post once I’ve know more.

UPDATE: I have installed the desktop client and it sync’s files in one specified folder. Unlike Drop Box, there is no option to right click on a file and obtain a link to it on the web. Which can then be pasted in an IM window, email, etc  This option only seems to be available from the website.   Which isn’t as convenient.

Also when you right click on a folder (outside the specified sync folder) there is no option to sync that folder. 

This is a version 1.0 product and do hope Microsoft updates SkyDrive often.  I would also like to understand if the files are encrypted as I understand they are with Drop Box.

I’m comparing to Drop Box, as it’s the product that I’ve used the most.   However it would seem to make sense to switch to SkyDrive as this would bring the benefit of being able to login to any Windows 8 device and have my files available to me.

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