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SurfaceBook Phone?

Recently on the last Windows Weekly Podcast/Webcast (Leo/Lisa, it really should be called Microsoft Weekly!), Mary Jo Foley had Microsoft CMO on and he pretty much implied that they [Microsoft] need a Surface quality phone.

Paul in pass episodes of Windows Weekly has suggested that Continuum would be more useful if the phone had an Intel Processor, his reasoning for this is that the phone when docked would be more useful as a “Desktop” PC thus not just constricted to universal apps.

Microsoft could bring out a dual processor Surface Phone, Intel and Arm, when not docked only the Arm processor is enabled saving battery power, when docked the Intel processor is enabled and as the phone is docked with a USB 3.0 C connector then it could be powered, still not zapping any battery.

If that’s not an option, then the Intel Processor could be placed inside the dock, still achieving the same effect.

Of course my inspiration for such device is Microsoft’s SurfaceBook, how useful this would be in the real world is up for debate, however, I think the real reason for Continuum to exist in the first place is for India Market, where they don’t have a traditional PC’s, if this could be brought to that market, it could be a huge growth area for Microsoft,

Microsoft surprised us with the SurfaceBook can they, will they dare to it again with the Surface Phone?

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