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The Next Big Move

Google has said that they are going to enter the OS Market late next year with ChromeOS.

With Office 2010 bringing office to the Web (at last!) then I think Microsoft should introduce a free, yes that’s right, free version of Windows.

This wouldn’t be any more than Windows with a browser, including the ballot screen… to keep the EU happy.

I believe Microsoft should do this sooner rather than later, Google/the industry won’t be expecting it and what else can Microsoft do when competing with Free.

If you wanted more advance features then you could purchase them via Anytime Upgrade, but these would be Micro payments, for example £99p for Wallpaper Support.  It could possibly even have ad’s on the desktop, before moaning, remember how Google make there money.

It could be small and great for netbooks and people will use it because it’s windows. 

Features such as Media Centre, Tablet and Business will all still  purchase windows as they do know. 

Windows Free is aimed directly at the consumer market.

If Microsoft wants to stay relevant I don’t see what choice they have.

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