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The World Is Changing...

… Maybe that should be the “IT” world is changing. I thought I was embracing this change. What change am I talking about?

The Cloud.

Recently I received an email from Microsoft to say that the TechNet Subscription is being retired. I was beyond upset. If your an IT Pro, then you know what good value this has been since it’s introduction in 1998 it’s been a great resource, it’s allowed me and many others to legally install and test the latest Microsoft software for a fraction of the cost to purchase the software out right.

In Microsoft’s email, software piracy is given as one of the reasons for it’s discontinuation. I’m not so sure this is valid reason, if it was Microsoft would be killing of MSDN and the Action Pack, would it not?

This is nothing more than a move from Microsoft towards it’s a push to Cloud services, part of it’s new strategy as a services and devices company. For me this is push to soon and too far, a little like Adobe has done with it’s push towards Creative Cloud.

I like many others have given our reasons for our dismay at the discontinuation of the TechNet subscription, with most IT Pros the reason being is to deploy Home Lab’s (as I do myself),  for some, it’s funny to think that IT Pro’s like to geek out at home, isn’t that how this industry started?

My theory is, this is Microsoft’s attempt at pushing us in the direction of embracing The Cloud, (read Azure) then they should introduce Azure TechNet or whatever they may care to call it. A service that allows an IT Pro to use Azure and technologies for a couple of hundred pounds/dollars a year. Where labs could be configured and tested?

Others have suggested a new level of MSDN at a cheaper cost, this would be great too, unless Microsoft see’s the high cost as a barrier to entry and thus a method of stopping piracy.

I for one as many others are,  as evident by this on line petition signed by many IT Pros and growing each day.

Please Microsoft, don’t kick the people that helped you grow into the company that you are today because you want to be more like the cool kids.

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