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I thought I would post an update as I’ve be fairly quite of late.   I do intend to start blogging more in the near future.

I’ve been looking after my son for the past couple of months, spending some quality time with him.   Any spare time that I have found I’ve been using to go digital in everyway I can. To be honest this process has been going on for some time, I’ve just decided to actually try and getting organised.

So I’ve been organising 10 years worth of home video, pictures, geeky stuff (Virtual Machines Hard Drives, code).  I have 2TB worth of data which I’ve been tagging, uploading backing up etc.

Some of the organising has been extended to this site.   I have removed all categories and tags in preparation of actually trying to get a proper system of categories and tag’s in place at some point.

As part of this clean up process I have decided to remove the software section from the site as I feel it’s stale and I never update it, mainly due to the fact that the coding side of things has taken a back seat in the last 18 months.  I’m working to resolve that, so this section may indeed return.

So until next time, have fun……..

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