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I haven’t blogged for a few weeks, so I thought I would today.  You may noticed the addition of Google Ads on the left hand side.  Sorry guys, I have to fund this site some how.  Smile

This is my first post using the new Windows Live Writer, looks nice with the ribbon. 

I did purchase and iPad in the end.  I like it, I’m note sure it’s worth the money, but the build quality is really good.  It’s great for use in front of the TV causal browsing and a god sense for reading in bed.  I’m trying to read 1984, read the first chapter but it hasn’t gripped me as of yet.

Since installing OS X into Virtual Box it appears that Mac Mail only supports Exchange connectivity for 2007 and above, which is rather annoying.

I’m working on a few things at the minute and will try and post more.  Until next time.

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