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Vista Complete PC Backup

I purchase a WD MyBook USB drive…. which I have to say I’m liking so far…. Cheapist £50 for 300GB…

Any how I ran Vista Complete PC Backup, Last night, which creates a VHD image of you PC’s HDD.

It doesn’t boot, but you can add it to existing Virtual PC as a second drive and you can access it!

Good stuff to know for any further format and reinstall’s…. although I shouldn’t have to worry about it much longer as I ordered a HP EX470!  500GB and I can add two more drives internally and external USB drives…

I wipe my PC on a fairly regular basis, just installed Vista 64 bit, with 8GB Ram and virtual machines flying with the VHD’s on the WD MyBook……

So I think I’ll have plenty of storage expansion for the future.

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