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Windows 10

You can Download the Windows 10 Technical Preview for Enterprise Direct here once it gets published on the Windows Insider Program on October 1st 2014. The download will offer a burnable/bootable ISO-file of around 4GB.


  • Windows 10 will bring back a full featured Start menu as a mix of the traditional one found on Windows 7 combined with Modern UI tiles of Windows 8.

  • Microsoft plans to add many features found in Windows Phone 8.1, like the Cortana digital assistant. Other possible apps might be Storage Sense, Wi-Fi Sense might and a Notification Centre.

  • Cortana will be included into later builds of Windows 10. The Windows 10 Technical Preview for Enterprise will come without Cortana.

  • Windows 10 will allow Windows Store apps to run inside realizable windows on the desktop.

  • The charms-bar will be disabled on installations for desktop pcs and stay activated on touch-based devices. Microsoft wants to avoid annoyances of users that are not interested in the modern UI interface and mostly use desktop-programs.

  • “Task view” is a new button on the taskbar. When you click task view it launches multiple desktops at the bottom of the interface that show all the apps that are currently open, like on OS X’s Exposé. You can switch between different desktops with multiple apps running in their own separate areas.

  • Windows 10 improves the App switcher of Windows 8.1 that gets activated when swiping with the finger into the screen from the left side. This gesture also activates task view using big preview windows on the screen.

Microsoft have version jumped before, with Word from 2.0 to 6, way back in 1993, yes I’m old enough to remember that far back! :-)


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