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Windows Home Server Add-in

Here in the UK we had a bank holiday yesterday which of course meant we had 3 days off.  So I spent some time with the wife over the last few days and decided that I would embark on new project.

Last week I was looking at the plug-ins for Windows Home Server.  I came across one which sync your pictures to flickr.  Unfortunately it didn’t work that well, it only uploaded the images within the root of the folder you gave to it.

I looked the forums and there seem to be a lot of people requiring this plug in, but the one available was buggy and the developer hadn’t blogged since last year.

So I decided that I would throw something to gather.  After around 8 hours approx.  I have my application talking to flickr, uploading.

The next big milestone will figuring out how to write an Windows Home Server Addin.  So while 60-70% of the application is pretty much done and working, it won’t work with WHS as intended, so time permitting I’m hoping to a full BETA version ready to go in about two weeks.


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