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Windows Phone 7 – Mango

I updated my Windows Phone to the Mango Beta a week ago.   For a beta it appears to be fairly stable and performance is the same as it was before if not better in some areas.  Here’s a few quick thoughts:-

  • I was hoping that Mango would fix an issue with You Tube links, they don’t play, when you click on a you tube link from anywhere in the phone.   This is a isn’t acceptable, the experience has to be at least the same as iOS or better, hopefully this issue will be address before mango is finished.

  • Text to speech just doesn’t work.  Hasn’t recognised a single thing I’ve tried saying to the phone, I’m guessing it would work better if I was American.

  • The Scanning of Microsoft Tag’s works well and so does the listening to Music detection.

  • You can choose which contacts are displayed in your contacts now, which is welcomed.

  • Being able to save camera settings is a god send.

  • I keep getting notified that there is a App update available and yet when I go and do it there isn’t one.  - It’s is beta software after all.

I’ll keep updating this post when I come across anything of interest.

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