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Windows Phone Update Error 0x8188308

The latest update from Microsoft for Windows Phone, the one that added app folders, would not install on my device Lumia 920.  According to Microsoft resetting you phone wouldn’t work, so after waiting for Microsoft to fix the issue and getting fed up of the update prompts, I took the plunge and reset my phone.   I backed up first of course. :-)

After resetting the phone and it rebooting it started updating, which was a little odd as it wasn’t part of the development program yet as I hadn’t re-registered it via the Preview for Developers App.

I didn’t re-enter my Microsoft credentials for my Microsoft account, I just wanted to see what I could do before having to restore and then to find that I had to wipe again… I was happy with it as it was, but couldn’t see a way of restoring from a backup without factory resetting again, so this is what I did.

Again when it restarted it installed another update… odd.   This time I did enter my Microsoft Account and allowed it to restore from backup, then I re-registered the phone via the Preview for Developers App and it downloaded two updates 8.10.14147.180 and 8.10.14157.200 and it all installed fine.

So this worked for me, it may work for you, good luck and if you have any success then let me know in the comments.

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