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Windows SBS 2011 R2: Black screen and Mouse Cursor on boot, never boots

After spending a full day on this, we (Your IT Pro and I) finally got it to boot by restoring the registry from a backup which windows keeps.

Boot into Windows Recovery command prompt and do the following:-

  1. CD C:\Windows\System32\Config\RegBack

  2. MD Backup (MD Is the command to Make a Directory)

  3. Copy . Backup  (copies all files in the folder RegBack to the Backup folder created in step 2)

  4. Copy .  .. (copies all files from the RegBack folder to the folder below, Config, overwriting them)

  5. Reboot

Hopefully, this will allow your server to boot.

Updated 17/09/2016 and 14/12/2016:  Updated the instructions for clarity.

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